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Damar 02:43
Propaganda 03:15
Smooth Sail 03:07
Cat Drop 03:34
Bitch City 03:58


Pass The Bless is a collaboration album between Slovenian electronic duo Darla Smoking and Austrian label Well Gedacht which is presenting musicians, beatmakers, producers and rappers from middle east and europe. Album includes duo Darla Smoking, Turkish beatmaker, guitarist and producer Levni, Palestinian rapper and producer Stormtrap Asifeh, Turkish rapper and producer Ethnique Punch and Iranian rapper and beatmaker Naji.

ORDER CD HERE: darlasmoking@gmail.com


Darla Smoking: Brgs – drums, synths; Nac – electronics
Levni – Synths, electronics
Stormtrap Asifeh – vocals, synths, electronics
Ethnique Punch/Supreme Figur – vocals, synths, electronics
Naji – vocals

Drums, instrumentals and Trance Jam freestyle recorded by Brgs and Levni in Layer house Kranj as part of Dvocikel residency program.
Naji vocals recorded in Radio Študent 89,3Mhz Ljubljana studio by Jure Gruden.

Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan
Artwork by Atlas Skull
Released on 25th march 2019
Produced by Darla Smoking and Well Gedacht


Track Info:

1. Damar- Stormtrap Asifeh/Darla Smoking

Stromtrap Asifeh – synths
Brgs – drums
Nac – electronics

Drums recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Stormtrap Asifeh
Mixed by Stormtrap Asifeh
Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

2. Propaganda – Stormtrap Asifeh/Ethnique Punch/Levni/Darla Smoking

Stormtrap Asifeh – vocal
Ethnique Punch – vocal
Brgs – drums
Nac: electronics
Levni: synths

Drums recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Nac, Brgs, Levni, Stormtrap Asifeh and Ethnique Punch
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

3. Circle Of Sleep – Naji/Darla Smoking

Naji – vocals
Brgs – beats, synths
Nac – electronics

Instrumental recorded by Brgs
Vocals recorded by Jure Gruden
Arranged by Naji and Brgs
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

4. Smooth Sail – Levni/Darla Smoking

Levni: synths
Brgs – drums
Nac – electronics

Drums Recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Levni
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

5. Jar Bottom Globe Wise – Stormtrap Asifeh/Ethnique Punch/Darla Smoking

StormTrap Asifeh – vocals, beats
Ethnique Punch – vocals
Levni: synths
Brgs – modular synth Veznik by Staš Vrenko
Nac – electronics

Arranged by Stormtrap Asifeh
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

6. Cat Drop – Levni/Darla Smoking

Levni: synths
Brgs – drums

Drums Recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Levni
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

7. Waiting For Godot – Supreme Figur/Darla Smoking

Supreme Figur: electronics
Brgs: drums
Nac: electronics

Drums recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Supreme Figur
Mixed by Supreme Figur
Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

8. Bitch City – Naji/Darla Smoking

Naji – vocals
Brgs – beats, synths
Nac – electronics

Instrumental recorded by Brgs
Vocals recorded by Jure Gruden
Arranged by Naji and Brgs
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

9. Karafaki Mon Amour – Supreme Figur/Darla Smoking

Supreme Figur: electronics
Brgs: drums
Nac: electronics

Drums recorded by Brgs and Levni
Arranged by Supreme Figur
Mixed by Supreme Figur
Mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan

10. Trance Jam (freestyle) – Stormtrap Asifeh/Supreme Figur/Darla Smoking

Stormtrap Asifeh – freestyle
Supreme Figur – synths
Brgs – drums
Nac – electronics

Recorded by Brgs and Levni
Mixed and mastered by Aras Levni Seyhan


Propaganda - StormTrap Asifeh

Instead of thinking which shoe to wear
Thinking of which sound to touch
Cold flow like Norway
Let the beat smack you in the face
Ginger, I got the flu
Crowds we make stand
Colouring the track
Your voice is disturbing
Kettle pot,
Dry throat,
Another causality,
Zionist propaganda,
You’re like western media,
Mentioning only your favourites and forgetting everyone else
This one I love, that one I hate
How about I take you to the theme park?
Space rap,
Fighter rap,
Special rap,
My loyalty is
To spreading my stuff
Too late you won’t catch up with me
I’ve already begun

Propaganda – Ethnique Punch

if you wanna pay back baba, day will come, dig out the old dirts.
if you wanna chase, be quiet, be quiet and think about those days.
day will come for the waiting ones, once again pass the sponge over
you’ll become revenge of evil
not just in words, blood tension is revealed,
like an enemy, you’ll be fighting mosquitos, will be so afraid
cring, don’t know where you are
cring where you’ll be nothing
cring on nobles squad like assassin parasite,
if money is the opium
milk it like goods and develop,
everywhere is bloody kinda a bat,
but mind is litmus
just lsome muriatic water in acid pool,
truth of bragging roof is shitload of fear
write this journal
runs out quickly, i was drunk
my memory drawed knive sharp twists
shared my subconscious, simply harvest this
and no fallow, i’m tired
but excuses doesn’t work on this situation no more
ground got slippery
your mystery got transparent (been 15 years or so)
your fes still not dropped
as long as you breathe, your separatist order is unwary than july
get to know me, the body which has poured its blood a river on ground
ground floor, just trashed habitat belong slaves! ya it’s blabla
since then cheater are the landlords of
decent suffering marbled in concrete,
planting right in the middle of hearts, title deed
lot of days candidate to be the worst.
badness is bully above the kindness..
yo balalaika play the propaganda!
you, don’t hear the morphed password
you, just feel like at taj mahal moron, in fact, in a shithole
-it’s such a picture, i turned mad cuz saw that u don’t see
what u gonna laugh at after you see the picture, yourself in it?

Circle Of Sleep - Naji

Still sleepy, tired and drunk from last night when he closed his eyes
Locked from the inside in his handmade prison, he designed himself
The prisoner was tired – in deep trans-like sleep,
Looking towards the door and chewing the wall
I ran towards myself and didn’t find any rationality and wisdom inside the picture
Just pieces of me drenched with coffee.
With a bitter mouth Adam (Human) was still sleepwalking through his life
Not knowing the difference between a flower and a thistle
thinking he could cheat himself out of his own life without any consequences
The scam is in the sleep,
so the ignorant are not (that) scared
I was scared that you wouldn’t listen to me
That you don’t love yourself,
You’re regressing, setting yourself back
And that is not enough
How come you are not tired of being a slave?
I want you to listen to Faryas (rapper) and don’t go to war without a strategy
make space in your mind for more than just
Pussy (sex)
Stomach (food)
Pill (drugs)
Stop talking shit
Don’t be satisfied with an empty win
this lesson is for everyone
Fight for the fight
Don’t tell me you’re a winner before you make yourself an example
if you lose in the end your bragging won’t matter
when you give something out, it returns to you amplified
Life, with its give and take circulation
With time became a hammer pounding on my head with no end to it
telling (deceiving) me that cheating the process was a smart thing to do
When you were sleeping the system was alert and it watched you screw yourself over

(back round story: a man in a higher position raped and killed a young girl; the news covered it up, saying she died ‘in an accident’ by stones falling on her head in the school she was attending)
Horny bastards, innocent children getting hurt by your actions
My hand felt the pain of the injustice while putting this into words
Laughter is the paradox that follows
My city is the jungle
And the artist, the conditioned parasite in it
In this convoy, blindly following won’t set your mind free, getting out of the line will
there is a war between me and the written word
!Stupid, you are going deeper
Political/ societal is (should be) personal
Escaping doesn’t solve anything
!Fight even if intoxicated
Once you’re woke (you’ve awakened), you’re prepared for the next step
The sky doesn’t need wings to hold itself elevated
Its clean air is at your disposal and it provides you bliss
People get scared of this level of clearness
And they start to laugh?
Why are you laughing?
People are so ignorant and dumb, even god noticed it
We don’t own anyone or anything in this world – fear makes us attached
Awakening was just the fun part of it all for you, you didn’t use it for anything else
The whole time you were cutting yourself off from yourself (hiding, lying)
I was fighting for you, with myself, trying to make you realise this on your own
but didn’t progress (develop)
And I didn’t praise myself for anything in the process
There’s a hard situation in front of me, trying to make you find your own way through
I couldn’t do it like Takhti (wrestler)
Wake up, man!
Wake up! My throat is tired from the strain, voice cracked,
My voice can’t help you anymore,
Hey, Leave him, he doesn’t listen
Let it go (lets go)

Jar Bottom Globe Wise – StormTrap Asifeh

Call it my profession or call it my art
No question, its in my blood
State of delusion,
State of illusion,
State of “I want to live happy”
World gone wrong,
Looking around me everyone is under pressure
Play as the system orders you to
Or get caught and game over
What am I searching for?
Why am I even searching?
Come as it may
Whatever happens happens
Like a river I keep flowing
Carrying all the struggles
I keep moving forward
Wherever I look I see barbed wire
He was the first,
He raced everyone and overcame all obstacles,
He reached the top
And then the bullet reached his head
Life without electricity doesn’t exist
Hide my information
Erase my “status”
Buildings are increasing
My words are decreasing
The state is watching
Lower your voice
Hide your taste
Shorten your sleep
Grow your fear
Break your room
Prepare your death
Swallow the thorn
Oh fuck

Jar Bottom Globe Wise – Ethnique Punch

by holding macaron breath
from “4/7.16” to “10/7.18”
camels ran the arctic marathon (boom)
while they chew napalm though
and u, spend long years
in the name of a change despite everything else
the ones has passed away, not coming back anymore,
and also the ones has happened not going anywhere else at all.
obligation exaggerated, while they dumbed the weak bros unestimated
mankind is such arrogant to dare to cut the branch he sat on himself
but he falls down all together
has memorization got disrupted
or the coruption has whisked away?
jar bottom globe wise full of defeats
cheaters chased down selves in the cells
cells suffering at the contrivance
they’d rather elect all to defeat selected ones.
these fuckers fuckin all those beauty,
that’s how they are multiplying since forever
so, memorization hasn’t got disrupted yet
it hasn’t got disrupted yet
the land is fucked up but hasn’t beed reported yet, shit

Bitch City – Naji

A sick and toxic heart speaks with anger and rage in its voice
Greedy society and unpleasant human beings are the answer to ‘why?’
Melancholic about infants coming from creation through the matrix of The mother
To start anew, as a part of a dark time in the space-time continuum,
cycling of war and poverty,
Complaining about the day-to-day life and all of its ruins
My home is in ruins and in chains, all of it is witnessed by Quran
My mind, chained up, but still with a glimpse of hope and rejoicing in its essence
The city is a tough mistress, when you’re alone in it you are not yourself
The system sucks you dry and slaughters you until you play its game
Even if you think you’re winning the loss comes at the end
everyone screwing each other over
(For what?) So let us play the game, let us be the same
The roots are poisonous and the poison runs through you, (bitch)
we step on each other while trying to love, making another useless miserable broken human
to live its life
We start as winners, but in the end we all lose – death catches you
Death is a rabid dog chasing and biting
No matter if you’re wealthy, poor or somewhere in between
the end that awaits us, for all is the same
Death comes, punishes and leaves you to rot under the earths soil
I got marked, my days under your shadow spent, now I wear it carved on my forehead,
I’m a bitch too
(There is no difference – a city is a city) I was the difference in the city
In one I was a shadow, that no one saw, soon gone to the next with my legs
hurting from the path behind me
I think you get it in the end, you shine a light on it with a lighter and make it obvious
We are ‘bitches’, and history will remember the bad and hurt we caused
But he survived, broken, with every day spent surrounded by smoke and a pipe
beside what called itself god, but was a robber of time in the dark
Islam damaged my health
Islam damaged my home
Islam was my starting point
You say I’m a non-believer, but tell me this …
Will you accept a religion as your grave? (wasn’t religion the grave?)


released March 25, 2019

Darla Smoking, Levni, Stormtrap Asifeh, Ethnique Punch/Supreme Figur, Naji


all rights reserved



Darla Smoking Ljubljana, Slovenia

Electronic band working with traditional music of the world.
Official page: www.darlasmoking.com

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